Clinical Professional

For over the last 40 years, Robert Irwin Wolf has been widely prolific in the fields of fine art photography, sculpture, art therapy, expressive analysis and psychoanalysis. Initially trained in the fine arts of photography and sculpture, he later went on to pursue clinical training in art therapy and psychoanalysis and is a New York State licensed Psychoanalyst and Creative Art Therapist, currently in private practice in New York City. He has taught courses, published and presented internationally on the integration of creativity and in-depth psychoanalytic theory and practice. His focuses have been in the therapeutic uses of Photography, or 'Phototherapy', Creative Processing of Dreams and Countertransference and the use of stone carving in clinical supervision to help process Countertransference. 

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Fine Art Sculpture

 After receiving early training in stone carving at Pratt Institute, his sculptural work has continuously evolved as a sculptor of abstract form. His intense interest in both people and art are reflected in his contemporary sculptures. He believes forces that heal and promote emotional growth in people are related to those which influence our sense of aesthetics in artwork. His stone sculptures are a blend of figurative and abstract elements that combine with a variety of stone to suggest a ‘gestural’ communication that is uniquely intrinsic to human experience and often perceived on an unconscious, visceral level.

 His sculpture which has been influenced by Arp, Moore and Brancusi, have been exhibited over the past forty years in a variety of galleries in the North Eastern United States and Seoul, South Korea. 

Fine Art Photography

Born and raised in New York. he is an internationally exhibited fine art photographer and his work has been widely shown in San Jose, Costa Rica, Seoul, South Korea, Miami, and most extensively in New York City. His most recent work includes landscapes and portraits of indigenous people from his  travels throughout South East Asia, Europe and South America. Many of these images have been exhibited after being printed on canvas with pigmented,  fade resistant ink. He also specializes in commissioned 'Creative Portraiture'.